What You Need To Become A Kids Party Performer

We have all as children, at some point in our lives been at an event where some type of performers took the stage and took our breath away with their enchanting tricks and engaging activities. At some point, we also wondered in awe whether we were capable of achieving the same. For some this was a fleeting thought, while others took it more seriously. Becoming a kids part performer though looks easy, is actually quite hard work. It can take a lot out of you, but can also be very rewarding which is what many who are in the trade confirm. Thinking of the path for yourself? Help yourself get there!


They may be kids, but you must remember the golden rule; kids are always brutally honest. If they do not feel you, they will show you. You cannot pretend to like children, you must genuinely harbour an affection for them. If you are not a kid person, that is fine but do not attempt to fake it. Not only will you be miserable, but the children too will feel it. As childrens party entertainers in Perth, your first responsibility is in making them feel comfortable.


If you are not sure what makes them tick or are worried about not knowing how to keep them entertained, why not hang around kids more often? For example, a friend’s child or your own cousins, nieces and nephews are great for learning. You could find out their likes and dislikes; though yes every child is different, all kids like certain things so once you figure out what they are, the rest will follow easily.


You cannot be a performer without a show. All children party entertainers have a show lined out where they showcase their best talents. By doing so, not only are they confident about what they do, it defines them. With a stage name and tagline, it leaves an impressionable memory on everyone present at the event which makes it easier for them to obtain new contacts. This is how word-of- mouth recommendations can be powerful.


Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an expert, remember to be humble and learn from others. Sure you may have your own party trick all sorted out, but there is always something new to be picked up. The most successful performers get to where they are because they know this very important piece of information and take it seriously. You might learn to correct something wrong you were doing or even pick up something completely new. Either way, remember to be observant, curious and ambitious.